In any project, preconstruction can be one of the most important but challenging stages in the construction process. During this stage you have to be able to establish a great foundation for your project including budgeting, cost estimating, scheduling, designing, managing logistics and materials. During this process it is very easy to feel overpowered and overwhelmed with all of this information. At BRIM, we are here to assist and guide you through this intricate process to meet your vision and goals. With our elite strategies and preconstruction services we will help you minimize your risk and accomplish an attainable budget in the project.

• Budgeting • Bid Packaging • Cost Estimating • Value Engineering • Material Procurement • Logistics • Sustainable Options • Scheduling • Project Management • Design Management • Virtual Design • Constructability Reviews

Design / Build

Working with you to ensure that the project is successful, here at BRIM, our roles as designers and builders help you bring your ideas to actuality. With BRIM's project management and teamwork approach, using our cost control strategies and scheduling we work with you to complete your project on time and on budget. No matter if it is new construction, renovation or an addition, BRIM is fully devoted to assist you in accomplishing your project desires and goals.

General Construction

With BRIM as your general contractor, we can manage and regulate your whole construction project. We will use our own talented craftsman along with our remarkable group of subcontractors to give you the quality work and the on-time completion you desire in a project. By using our team oriented attitude, we are able to master any challenge whether it be in managing, scheduling, budgeting, or constructing. The values and expectations that are involved in a BRIM project are one of the many reasons why BRIM has continued to grow and build relationships with returning customers over the past 30 years.

Construction Management

BRIM helps you plan, design and construct a quality project to meet your schedule, budget and needs as your very own construction manager. Working with architects and engineers in the early design phases allows BRIM's experienced team to recommend value engineering, material procurement, constructability reviews, and bid packaging to add value and saving to your project. With our professional techniques we assist with project scheduling, keeping your budget in-line and making sure overall coordination is being completed. Furthermore, BRIM has the capabilities and expertise to expedite your schedule, inevitably saving you on your overall investment.

Green Building

BRIM believes highly in sustainable design and protecting the environment for future generations. By using sustainable construction methods and products, we can help reduce energy consumption, eliminate hazardous wastes, conserve water, diminish reliance on natural resources, and decrease our worlds overall carbon footprint. BRIM has a distinct team of "green professionals" to help you integrate sustainable solutions into your design and construction. Whether it be solar powered technologies, WaterSense labeled products, low voltage wiring, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, or High Efficiency Equipment. We have a variety of extensive networks to make these options all possible for your project. Talk with BRIM and see if sustainable building is the right solution for you.